chi sono

Working experience:

I moved to Budapest, Hungary at the age of 21 and started working as an administrative assistant of dr. Papp Ferenc, the well known linguist, head of the linguistic department at the world wide famous Eotvos Lorand ELTE University side by side with great professors like Zsilka Janos (modern and ancient greek, latin) and Balàzs Jànos (Finnish, Italian, later head of the Hungarian department at the university of Padua). Working and studying English language (I have been always fond of foreign languages, especially English). Best years of my life.

Moved to Italy in 1989 where I improved my Italian language and began to collaborate as a freelance translator/interpreter with Intertrad di Alexa Thaler. Still collaborating.

Begin working as an employee for a timber trading company (7 years) as an interpreter, then step by step as a foreign purchase officer and logistics. Business trips every month to visit suppliers and make contracts in Hungary, Romania, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, former Yugoslavia. First trips were made with the company owner then by myself, by car (3000 km/week!!).